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Uses Of Physical Therapy For Lower Back Pain

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Physical therapy can be a great way to manage lower back pain. Although physical activity and stretched positions only help certain people, it is still worth giving physical therapy a try because there is no harm in trying. The physical therapists will re-evaluate your condition every visit and make necessary modifications to the physical therapy plan. With physical therapy, you can regain strength and endurance at your own pace.

Types of Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain

A Chiropractor can assess how much lower back pain bothers the patient so that they can see what to work on in physical therapy. They will also take into consideration if there are any other issues related to lower back pain before designing the physical therapy plan.

Physical therapists use physical activity and stretching to move bones, muscles, and joints of the body to prevent physical disabilities. The types of physical therapy treatment include:

  • Passive Physical Therapy (PT) — This type of treatment requires the patient to be completely relaxed. Chiropractors use physical touch to improve physical conditions.
  • Active Physical Therapy (PT) — The patient is required to actively participate in physical activities that are meant to help their condition. The physical therapists will coach you on how to properly exercise and stretch without straining the muscles or joints.
  • Attenuated Physical Therapy (PT) — This lower back pain treatment requires the patient to be put under anesthesia. The chiropractor uses physical touch, such as spinal manipulation, to improve physical conditions. The patient only feels pressure and not pain.
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) — During this procedure, physical therapists apply electrical impulses through electrodes placed on your skin in order to stimulate muscles. They mainly use this type of physical therapy to re-educate the muscles to move correctly, significantly reducing lower back pain.
  • Home Physical Therapy — A physical therapist provides physical therapy to patients at home in order for them to regain strength and endurance. They will design a program, including daily exercise and stretches, that they must complete at home.
  • Hydrotherapy (PT) — The chiropractor uses hot or cold water, physical massages, and wraps to help reduce lower back pain.
  • Interferential Physical Therapy (PT) — A physical therapist applies electrical impulses through electrodes placed on both the inside and outside of the patient's skin to regulate pain.

The Takeaway

Physical therapy is a great way for people with lower back pain to manage their condition. Chiropractors are educated in physical rehabilitation and can help lower back pain patients regain strength and endurance at their own pace. They will also modify the plan as necessary according to the patient's condition.