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Whiplash After A Rear-End Collision: The Cause & How A Chiropractor Can Help

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Getting into a car accident is a scary experience, especially when someone suddenly hits your vehicle from behind. If you are now experiencing stiffness in your neck, you may be dealing with a health condition called whiplash. Learn how getting into a rear-end collision may have caused you to get whiplash, and why visiting a chiropractor, such as Rockwood Chiropractic, is ideal for treating the symptoms associated with it.

How Can Whiplash Occur After a Rear-End Collision?

The sudden force of the other vehicle hitting your vehicle from behind likely caused your neck to move in an unnatural way. The neck injury could have also damaged your spinal cord and vertebrae, as they are all connected. It is the cervical region of your spine that is the main cause of whiplash, as it is a region that is in your neck. Whiplash symptoms include dizziness, hand numbness, back pain, concentration problems and painful shoulders.

You can treat whiplash by visiting a chiropractor and explaining to him or her where you are experiencing pain. Make sure you have been properly diagnosed with whiplash by a physician before visiting the chiropractor in case your health is at risk. One method commonly used by chiropractors to treat whiplash is by way of a therapeutic massage. The chiropractor will massage your neck with an exceptional amount of pressure to relieve the stiffness you are experiencing.

You may also be treated with a technique called spinal manipulation. Treating whiplash with spinal manipulation is good for relieving pressure in the spaces between joints. A special technique is used to apply pressure to the joints to force the pressure out, and the procedure is done naturally with the chiropractor's hands.

What is the Estimated Price for a Session with a Chiropractor?

As a new patient, you can expect a chiropractor to charge up to $161. The reason is due to a series of examinations being done to pinpoint the areas of your spine and neck that were affected by whiplash. You may also be required to pay a minimum of $49 for an x-ray. Keep in mind that although you will notice results after the first session, you may have to attend additional sessions. The overall price will depend on the number of sessions, but some chiropractic clinics will accept payment plans to make paying more affordable. Contact a chiropractor so you can get treated for whiplash to get rid of your stiff neck!