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How To Identify And Treat Misaligned Hips

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Some of the most important structures in your body are your hips. They act as a balance for your entire body, so if they become misaligned, it can cause a variety of ailments like lower back pain, knee strain, or muscle weakness. By getting your hips back in alignment, you will be healthier and happier. 

How to tell if your hips are out of alignment:

Your hips can be misaligned either from left to right or from front to back. While it may seem difficult at first to know if your hips are out of alignment, there are actually a few easy ways you can tell. To see if your hips are misaligned from left to right, stand in front of a mirror with a grid behind you. You should see the tops of your hip bones line up on the same level. If one is higher than the other, your hips are misaligned.

To see if your hips are misaligned from front to back, look sideways at yourself in the mirror. Even if you don't have much of a butt, you should have some kind of natural bustle. If you notice that it is a straight line from your back down through your thighs, your hips are misaligned to the front. 

How to treat misaligned hips:

The best way to treat misaligned hips is to go to a Chiropractor in Phoenix, AZ. They have a variety of techniques that help to break the stasis that your body is in and do it in a safe manner. They will use a variety of therapeutic methods including massage, light touch, exercises, and adjustments to help your body to recognize that it needs to align itself in a new pattern.

If you try to treat your hips on your own, be cautious because you can cause additional strain on your back muscles. This will cause them to seize up. If your back muscles seize up, it will be very challenging to move for the next few days until you get back into the chiropractor to adjust your body.

While you are in between chiropractic visits, one of the best exercises you can do is to stand with your legs shoulder width apart and allow your body to move freely. You'll notice that your hips will rotate around. Let them move as far as they will go. Let this process continue for up to a minute and repeat it several times daily. This will help your body to naturally help heal itself.

As you do this, your posture will improve, your back will feel better, and you will get stronger by gaining your core strength back.