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Easing The Discomfort Of Drug Detox: What You Should Know

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When you finally admit to yourself that you have a drug addiction problem, it is time to start thinking about your future drug-free. And to become the sober person you want to be, you must detox your body and get all of the drug out of your system once and for all. Drug detox can be a difficult experience, mainly because your body has developed a physical dependence on the chemical reaction that occurs when you take the drug. This means that when you stop using the drug, your body will react negatively causing you physical discomfort and various symptoms. However, there are ways that you can ease the discomfort of drug detox. So, get to know some of these helpful methods and begin your detox process as soon as possible. 

Chiropractic Care

Many drug rehab centers and even outpatient programs have begun to incorporate chiropractic care into their drug detox procedures and offerings. Chiropractic care stems from the idea that spinal misalignments can cause extreme disruptions in the operation of the central nervous system. These disruptions can cause a variety of symptoms, most commonly aches and pains throughout the body. 

When you are in the detox process, the most common and universal symptoms are physical aches and pains. Attending regular sessions with a chiropractor while you are detoxing,can help to alleviate and reduce many of the aches and pains you experience. 

Additionally, regular appointments with a chiropractor (like those at Chiropractor Plus) during the entire addiction recovery process has actually been shown to have an unprecedented 100 percent patient program completion rate. As such, incorporating chiropractic care into your treatment program starting with the detox process, can only serve to help you recover from your addiction less painfully, and more successfully. 


Acupuncture is another treatment that is becoming more popular in the drug detox and recovery process. This ancient treatment stems from the philosophy that a person's body operates through a system of flowing energies throughout the body. Under this philosophy, a person develops an addiction due (at least in part) to unbalanced energy flows or disrupted energies in the body.

Acupuncture uses tiny needles inserted in to energy points or hubs in the body to stimulate proper energy flow and balance. In the case of addiction, many of these points are located along the ear, hands, and feet and are associated with the digestive and detoxifying organs of the body (liver, kidneys, pancreas, and so on). 

This treatment is thought to help relieve stress and pain during the detox and recovery process. Acupuncturists also try to stimulate those aforementioned digestive organs to begin working properly once again and clear the body of the chemicals and toxins associated with drug abuse and use. 

As you can see, there are ways that you can ease the discomfort of drug detox using alternative medicine practices and treatments. These treatments can even be continued throughout the recovery and rehab process to continue to address issues that arise later on in the process. So, consider these options when you decide to detox and begin your journey on the road to recovery.