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2 Tips For Using Chiropractic Adjustments To Help Treat Back Pain Caused By Scoliosis

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Chiropractic adjustments can not only be used to alleviate standard back pain, but it can also help to ease back pain that is often caused by scoliosis. Scoliosis creates curves that disrupt the normal balance of your spine. In order for your body to adjust, you may notice yourself tilting or bending to one side. This can be difficult to correct and can also result in excessive back pain. You may notice this pain occurs most often in your lower back. Depending on the extent of your scoliosis the pain can be mild or even debilitating. Fortunately, chiropractic adjustments can be used to alleviate some of this pain. There are a few tips you should consider when using chiropractic adjustments to treat back pain caused by scoliosis.

Monitor Your Posture Throughout the Day

Chiropractic adjustments are designed to open up your spine and bring it back into alignment. You may notice that immediately after your adjustment that you experience increased flexibility and air flow throughout your body. However, scoliosis draws your spine back out of alignment and is extremely difficult to catch. The easiest way to maintain your chiropractic adjustment is by monitoring your posture. Scoliosis will pull your body in the area in which it curves. A chiropractic adjustment opens up these areas. If you notice that your shoulder begins to roll forward, then use a mirror to fix this. The positioning can feel awkward and strenuous at first, but the longer you maintain the good posture the more natural it will begin to feel.

Breathe into Your Weak Spots Immediately After Adjustments

More extreme curves can really affect your breathing. Running for long periods of time or taking deep breaths can feel like a struggle. This is due to the fact that your spine is pressed against your lungs. This makes it difficult for you to take in enough air and can result in back pain because your body is stressed. Look for the weak points in your back that collapse forward. Breathe into these areas in order to help open them up and strengthen them. Immediately after your adjustment is complete, lay flat on your back and take a few minutes to direct air flow into your weak points. Performing this technique immediately after your chiropractic adjustment will help to direct the most amount of air flow to this area.

Dealing with chronic back pain caused by scoliosis can be frustrating. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that you are able to alleviate this pain. Contact a business, such as Bakke Chiropractic Clinic SC for more information.