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Spinal Treatments A Chiropractor Might Provide For Your Back Injury

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An auto accident, sports injury, or slip and fall incident can cause a spinal injury that leaves you with back pain that makes your life miserable. Whether your pain is debilitating or just a constant minor nuisance, a chiropractor may be able to help reduce your pain and encourage healing. Here are some spinal treatments that might be recommended.

Spinal Adjustments That Align Vertebrae

A chiropractor is trained to identify misalignment in your body and spine. When your body is not aligned properly, you may experience stress and tension on a muscle or nerve that leads to pain. A chiropractor can bring the vertebrae back into alignment through a series of spinal adjustment treatments. These spinal treatments are given in various ways that combine quick movements and body positioning. The chiropractor may twist your lower body or press your spine. You usually need several spinal adjustment treatments to have a lasting effect.

Stretching The Spine To Relieve Pain

Sometimes, back pain is caused by a vertebra that shifts slightly and causes pressure on a nerve. A bulging or herniated disc can do the same thing. Pressure on a nerve is called nerve compression and the treatment for it is called decompression. Spinal decompression can be done by manually stretching the spine to relieve pressure on the nerve. Decompression can be done with more precision on a table designed for this purpose. The computerized table pinpoints the compressed nerve and moves your body in the exact manner needed to open the vertebrae so pressure is relieved and the nerve has a chance to recover.

Manipulating The Spine To Aid Recovery

Spinal manipulation is a broad term that can include spinal adjustments, but it's also much more. This type of treatment can include a variety of therapies that target your back injury such as massage, physical therapy, and simply positioning your back and body in specific ways. Massage therapy increases circulation to the injured area to improve blood flow that's needed for healing. Physical therapy strengthens weak muscles so they provide better spinal support and relieve tension on the spine caused by poor posture and muscle weakness.

In addition to these types of spinal treatments, a chiropractor can offer pain relief therapies for spinal injuries such as hot and cold treatments and ultrasound therapy. A chiropractor takes a different approach to healing than a traditional doctor who may only offer pain relievers and other medication. If you have back pain from an injury, consider seeing a chiropractor for an evaluation and treatments that might help your recovery.