2 Tips For Using Chiropractic Adjustments To Help Treat Back Pain Caused By Scoliosis

Chiropractic adjustments can not only be used to alleviate standard back pain, but it can also help to ease back pain that is often caused by scoliosis. Scoliosis creates curves that disrupt the normal balance of your spine. In order for your body to adjust, you may notice yourself tilting or bending to one side. This can be difficult to correct and can also result in excessive back pain. You may notice this pain occurs most often in your lower back. Depending on the extent of your scoliosis the pain can be mild or even debilitating. Fortunately, chiropractic adjustments can be used to alleviate some of this pain. There are a few tips you should consider when using chiropractic adjustments to treat back pain caused by scoliosis.

Monitor Your Posture Throughout the Day

Chiropractic adjustments are designed to open up your spine and bring it back into alignment. You may notice that immediately after your adjustment that you experience increased flexibility and air flow throughout your body. However, scoliosis draws your spine back out of alignment and is extremely difficult to catch. The easiest way to maintain your chiropractic adjustment is by monitoring your posture. Scoliosis will pull your body in the area in which it curves. A chiropractic adjustment opens up these areas. If you notice that your shoulder begins to roll forward, then use a mirror to fix this. The positioning can feel awkward and strenuous at first, but the longer you maintain the good posture the more natural it will begin to feel.

Breathe into Your Weak Spots Immediately After Adjustments

More extreme curves can really affect your breathing. Running for long periods of time or taking deep breaths can feel like a struggle. This is due to the fact that your spine is pressed against your lungs. This makes it difficult for you to take in enough air and can result in back pain because your body is stressed. Look for the weak points in your back that collapse forward. Breathe into these areas in order to help open them up and strengthen them. Immediately after your adjustment is complete, lay flat on your back and take a few minutes to direct air flow into your weak points. Performing this technique immediately after your chiropractic adjustment will help to direct the most amount of air flow to this area.

Dealing with chronic back pain caused by scoliosis can be frustrating. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that you are able to alleviate this pain. Contact a business, such as Bakke Chiropractic Clinic SC for more information.   

Alternative Medicine Treatments To Help With Your TMJ Disorder

When you suffer from a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, you may wonder if there are any treatment options that will provide you with relief from your pain and discomfort. While there are conventional medical treatments that you could try, such as anti-inflammatory medications, and even surgery, you may prefer to try alternative treatment methods. Get to know some of the options that alternative medicine can provide for you so that you can give them a try and, hopefully, experience relief from your chronic TMJ pain.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic services and care is one of the alternative medicine treatments that can, surprisingly, provide you with some relief from your chronic TMJ disorder pain. The idea behind chiropractic care is that the skeletal system can sometimes fall out of proper alignment. These shifts in alignment occur most often in the spine, which is the primary focus of chiropractic services, but can occur elsewhere in the body as well.

When the bones are out of alignment (especially those in the spine), the nerves that run throughout the body and along the spine can get blocked or pinched, preventing them from sending signals to and from the brain. These signals trigger the systems of the body to relieve pain and send necessary chemicals and nutrients throughout the body for health and healing.

In the case of your TMJ disorder, the chiropractor will try to help relieve some of the pressure on your nerves in a few ways. The first is by gently, manually manipulating the facial bones and jaw joint. This is in hopes of realigning the jawbone at the joint. If the bones are in alignment, then the nerves can send signals and relieve the inflammation and pain. The second possibility is that they also perform spinal manipulations to free up any impeded nerves along the spine that could also help relieve pain and discomfort in your temperomandibular joint.


You may also be able to find some TMJ pain and inflammation relief from acupuncture. Acupuncture is a tradition that spans thousands of years and originated in what is now China. This treatment option focuses on energy work. The idea is that energies flow throughout the human body, keeping all of the systems in balance and harmony.

When something disrupts the flow of energy throughout the body, there can be numerous health consequences, including joint inflammation, such as what occurs with TMJ. An acupuncturist will work to identify which energies have been disrupted in the body to cause your TMJ symptoms.

They will then use tiny needles and insert them into energy points throughout your body. This triggers the flow of energy through those body systems to relieve your pain and improve your health. TMJ disorder acupuncture points include points near and around the temperomandibular joint as well as potentially on the ears, legs, and the feet.

Now that you know a few of the treatment options available for your TMJ disorder through alternative medicine, you can give them a try as soon as possible. With any luck, you will feel significant relief from your pain and inflammation using these treatments.

Three Common Concerns Patients Have Before Their First Chiropractic Appointment

Having a chiropractic adjustment can do wonders for your back or neck pain, but a lot of patients feel a bit nervous or concerned before their first chiropractic appointment because they’re not quite sure what to expect. Here’s a look at some of the most common concerns, along with some information to help dispel them.

Concern: Your chiropractor will have you remove your clothes, and you’ll be uncomfortable.

In most cases, your chiropractic adjustment can be performed with your clothing on. If you’re wearing a thick sweater or sweatshirt, you will need to take it off, but as long as you are careful to wear a thin t-shirt or simple button-down to your appointment, you don’t need to be worried about taking off your clothing. Your chiropractor may briefly have you lift the back of your shirt if he or she needs to better visualize your spine or posture, but for the most part, he or she should be able to feel for misaligned vertebrae – and also adjust them – through your clothing.

Concern: The adjustment will be painful.

Having your back adjusted won’t feel much different from cracking your knuckles. You may hear a pop, and you may feel a slight “popping” sensation in your back, but there won’t be any pain. Even after the appointment, the worst you can expect to experience is some mild soreness. This should dissipate in a day or two. If it really is noticeable, you should be able to calm it with a dose of over-the-counter pain relievers or a soak in the hot tub.

Concern: Your chiropractor will push you into treatments you’re not comfortable with.

When you’re in your normal physician’s office, it’s not uncommon to feel rushed or pressured to make decisions quickly. The high patient load most physicians carry, along with their obligation to satisfy insurance and pharmaceutical companies’ demands, often contributes to this situation. Chiropractors in general take a more personalized approach to care. Though every chiropractor is different, most are very concerned with ensuring that their patients fully understand what is going on with their own bodies and what a treatment entails before they begin. If you have any questions or concerns, your chiropractor should take the time to address them fully. If for some reason this is not your experience, then you need to seek out a new chiropractor.

You don’t need to feel worried or concerned in the days leading up to your first chiropractor appointment. These treatments are safe, comfortable, and delivered with the greatest respect for patients.

3 Reasons To See A Chiropractor

Many people choose to go to a chiropractor regularly. There are so many benefits to seeing a chiropractor that it is a wonder why many people don’t choose to do it more often. If you have never seen a chiropractor before, you might be wondering what reasons would take someone to this type of medical professional. Here are a couple of those reasons.

1. Pregnancy

It is no secret that during pregnancy a woman may feel uncomfortable and in pain. The way that the baby rests on the hips could cause the hips joints to become dislodged, overworked and stressed. Some women complain that it hurts to walk, sit, or find any position where their hips don’t hurt.

This also goes for the back. Depending on the position of the baby, the woman’s back could suffer. If the child is in the posterior position, meaning facing the opposite direction ideal for childbirth, it can cause back pain.

A chiropractor specializes in adjusting the skeletal system. They can help to get the hips into the right position so that the baby isn’t pushing down on them so hard. In addition, chiropractors have been known to help the baby turn positions so that they are facing the proper direction for childbirth.

2. Headaches

Some people suffer from chronic headaches. Headaches are a symptom of so many different things. In many cases, it is a problem with the vascular system. Perhaps there is an imbalance in the body so that the blood is pumping too hard and fast through the small vessels in the head. This would cause a terrible headache.

When you see a chiropractor, they will help to adjust the body so that everything is totally in balance. This will improve the blood flow, set any dislodged joints and anything else that might be ailing you. In the process, it might take away your headache.

3. Whiplash

If you have recently been in a car accident, you probably experienced whiplash. This can cause you to feel pain and discomfort for a long time. One of the best ways to help set the neck muscles properly, and get whiplash to heal faster, is to see a chiropractor. The trauma may have been so blunt and hard that it stressed the spinal column out of alignment. The only way to fix that is to get a chiropractic adjustment.

These are just three of the many reasons that people see a chiropractor. 

Non-Surgical & Surgical Treatments for Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease can impact your daily life and make it difficult to complete simple tasks. If you have the condition, there are several surgical and non-surgical options available to you for treatment. Before making a decision on which is best for your situation, it is important to fully understand all of your options. 


Non-surgical treatments focus on alleviating the pain and not necessarily reversing the condition. There are several non-surgical options available, including cognitive therapy. Cognitive therapy involves helping you recognize what triggers the pain and steps you can do to avoid it. For instance, if you notice an increase in pain when you are stressed, you can learn which relaxation techniques help to reduce stress, such as meditation. 

Another non-surgical option is chiropractic manipulation. During sessions with a chiropractor, he or she will focus on alleviating the pressure on back tissue that sometimes occurs in degenerative disc disease. The chiropractor also focuses on improving your range of motion and blood circulation. Increased blood circulation and physical activity can encourage the release of endorphins. Endorphins are natural pain relievers that can help ease your back pain. 

Wearing a back brace can also be helpful in helping to limit movement if you experience more pain whenever you move. A back brace is considered to be a short-term solution. While wearing the brace, your lower back is immobilized until pain subsides. 


In the event the non-surgical treatments fail, surgery is a possibility. Your doctor will assess your condition and decide if and when you need to start considering this option. There are several surgical options that are available. 

Decompression surgery is an option if you have a build up of pressure against your spinal cord that is contributing to your condition. During the surgery, the doctor will focus on removing some of the plates of soft tissue that are against your spinal cord. 

Stabilization surgery is possible if you experience most of the pain when you move. During the surgery, the doctor will use rods and screws to secure the spine. Two vertebrae are fused together and this helps to ease the pain you feel. 

There are several other options your doctor can explore with you. It is possible that the doctor will recommend a combination of treatments to help you find the right ones that work for you. While assessing the treatments, it is important to communicate with professionals at pain treatment centers so that he or she can make appropriate adjustments to the treatments.

Three Ways A Chiropractor Can Improve Your Child’s Health

If regular chiropractic adjustments are a part of your health routine, you know the benefits of this type of care. What you might not know, however, is how valuable a chiropractic appointment can be for your child. Although visiting this health professional can help your child with issues such as back pain, there are a number of other physical ailments common in children for which a chiropractor can provide relief. Speak to your chiropractor to determine if he or she routinely treats children, and then discuss your child’s case and the degree of success that the doctor has had in dealing with similar cases. Here are three ways this form of treatment can help your child.

Ear Infections

The American Chiropractic Association reports that more than a third of children who visit the doctor are do so because of ear infections. If you’re not fond of the idea of putting your child on antibiotics, schedule an appointment with your chiropractor. According to the ACA, close to 80 percent of children who receive chiropractic care for ear infections respond favorably to the treatment. You shouldn’t feel concerned that your child will have to go through a firm chiropractic adjustment to deal with an ear infection; treatment for this condition is gentle.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Parents can feel helpless when their child has been diagnosed with ADHD, especially if they’re resistant to giving the child a medley of drugs to treat the issue. The ACA reports that many chiropractors can successfully help children manage the symptoms of ADHD. The organization notes that there is a distinct link between brain activity and a patient’s postural muscles found in the neck and back; when a child’s body is out of balance, his or her brain is at risk of developing unevenly. By adjusting the child’s body to helps these major muscle groups attain balance, the chiropractor can provide a treatment that helps the child’s brain develop evenly.


Although some people see headaches as predominantly a health issue for adults, approximately 50 percent of children contend with headaches. The ACA suggests that chiropractic care is a viable way to reduce the debilitating symptoms of headaches, given that most headaches are a direct result of muscle pain originating in the neck. Chiropractic adjustments can help your child’s headaches fade away and the chiropractor can also suggest simple lifestyle and dietary changes that can help your child and you reduce the likelihood of headaches continuing to arise.

3 Powerful Natural Headache Remedies

A headache is the type of condition that can get you down depending on the severity of the pain. If you get frequent headaches, you may not want to grow accustomed to taking pain pills, since you can become dependent on them or damage your liver. For that reason, there are a lot of natural remedies that you can take advantage of to get rid of the headache and move past it. If this is what you are looking for, follow these three tips below. 

Headache Tip #1: Make Some Changes To Your Diet

When dealing with headaches, the first place you should look is your diet. There are a number of foods that you eat that might be the trigger for the headache to begin with. For instance, eating foods like chocolate, onions, citrus fruits, bananas, and bacon might cause you to experience headache pains. For that reason, the second that you notice a headache onset, you should begin to backtrack and remember what foods may have contributed. Further, drinking water may help, because headaches are also a result of dehydration. 

Headache Tip #2: Use Peppermint Oil Therapy

If you want to heal your headache, you can try aromatherapy with peppermint oil. This essential oil can provide you with assistance that will relieve the pressure from your headache by breathing in the steam from boiling oil and water. You can also dab a little bit of this peppermint oil to your hairline in order to relieve some of the stress of these headaches. Since peppermint oil provides a cooling feeling to your head, this will help to get rid of headache pain. Best of all, this essential oil is inexpensive and can be purchased for less than $10. 

Headache Tip #3: Focus On Stretching And Breathing 

When you want to keep your headaches at bay throughout a daily basis, you should engage in activities that allow you to breathe and stretch. In that regard, yoga is one of the best activities that you can engage in. This can relieve the stress of an overworked and overused mind and body, which will allow you to relieve the pressure that typically manifests in a headache. By making such activities a frequent commitment, you will likely remain headache free. 

If you follow these three headache tips, you will be able to beat your headaches through natural means. 

To talk to a chiropractor about resolving headache pain, do an online search. 

Relieve Your Pregnancy Discomfort With A Visit To The Chiropractor

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. However, it also comes with its fair share of aches, pains and general discomforts. One malady that affects up to half of all pregnant women is lower back pain. While this may be a common and non-serious pregnancy symptom, it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer needlessly with it. Chiropractic services are safe for moms-to-be and can significantly eliminate lower back pain and other discomforts of pregnancy.

Back Pain

Lower back pain can occur at any point during pregnancy, but is most common during the third trimester when the baby begins to press down on the sciatic nerve. This can cause pain in the legs, lower back and buttocks regions. In addition, the curve of the spine increases as pregnancy progresses to counterbalance the weight of the baby. This increased curvature can also lead to significant back pain. Using manipulation techniques that are specially designed for pregnant women, chiropractors can manipulate the spine back into the proper position which helps with both posture and with relieving pain.

Pelvic Imbalance

In addition to normal aches and pains, chiropractors frequently correct pelvic imbalance issues. When the pelvis is not correctly aligned during pregnancy, there isn’t enough room for the developing baby. This can result in the baby’s inability to turn, resulting in a breech birth. In extreme cases, the pelvic restriction can also restrict the baby’s growth in the womb.


Chiropractors can also help ease nausea, one of the most dreaded symptoms of pregnancy. They do this by manipulating various bones back into their proper position which establishes a greater sense of balance and well being. In return, many women find that their nausea symptoms are significantly reduced.

Choose the Right Chiropractor

While all chiropractors are certified to work with pregnant women, some have more experience and training than others. When looking for a chiropractor, look for the following designations:

  • DACCP – Certifies that they have the highest level of advanced training
  • CACCP – Certifies that they have advanced training
  • Webster Certified – Certifies that the chiropractor is trained to correct pelvic balance in pregnant women.

If you are currently expecting and suffering from excruciating back pain, schedule an appointment with a chiropractor today. Not only can a chiropractic visit ease your pain, it can also help prepare your body for an easier and less painful delivery as well.

To learn more, contact a chiropractic clinic like First Chiropractic

How Is Massage Therapy Beneficial To Those Who Suffer From Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disease that causes those who have it to suffer from pain in the joints and muscles that spreads throughout the body and chronic fatigue. This condition often causes mild to severe depression as well. Fortunately, some who have fibromyalgia have been able to get noticeable relief through regular treatments of massage therapy. These are some of the ways that massage therapy is beneficial to those who suffer from fibromyalgia.

Loosening Up the Muscles & Joints

The chronic pain that occurs with fibromyalgia is often made worse by the muscles staying tense and tight. Massage therapy loosens those muscles, and this can decrease the widespread pain substantially.

Those who have fibromyalgia also may have trouble with joint movement as well. Massage therapy helps make joints more flexible when treatments are given on a regular basis. Loosening up the joints and muscles also relieves stress on the body, which greatly reduces pain.

Improving the Mood

The struggle with chronic pain that fibromyalgia patients deal with tends to have an extremely negative effect on their mood. This is why many who have fibromyalgia are also diagnosed with depression.

As the pain is reduced through massage therapy, the patient is more able to relax. This improves their mood and helps stop the symptoms of depression as well. If massage therapy treatments can be received on a regular basis, the patient may no longer suffer from depression.

Improving the Quality of Sleep

Many who suffer from fibromyalgia also have issues with getting enough rest. Their widespread pain may wake them throughout the night and this can lead to chronic fatigue. However, massage treatments can enable fibromyalgia sufferers to relax more and this may help improve their quality of sleep.

Releasing Natural Pain Relievers

The techniques used during massage therapy help release the body’s own natural pain relievers. As the muscles and joints are manipulated, endorphins are released throughout the body, and this blocks pain signals from reaching the brain.

While there is no known cure for fibromyalgia, massage therapy has helped many who have been diagnosed with it to manage their pain more easily. By combining massage therapy with light exercise and regular physician visits, some patients have been able to greatly improve how they feel without taking prescription medications. Be sure to talk to your physician to see if he or she recommends massage therapy as part of your fibromyalgia treatment plan.

Living With Chronic Headaches: The Use Of Chiropractic Care

While the occasional headache can be easily treated with some over-the-counter pain relievers, dealing with chronic headaches can be a whole different story. For many people, these headaches can prove downright debilitating and in some cases, even prescription medications will fail to provide relief from the pain. It is this type of headache that can benefit from the use of chiropractic care. Below you will learn more about how a chiropractor can help in the treatment of you chronic headaches so that you can decide for yourself whether or not chiropractic care is right for you.

What Is Triggering Your Headaches?

Not all headaches share a common trigger. While some headaches will be caused by environmental issues, such as excessive noise or pollution, others will be caused by physical issues, such as muscle tension. In most cases, severe headaches or migraines can be traced to a physical issue.

When deciding whether or not to incorporate chiropractic care into your treatment plan, it is important to determine what is triggering your headaches. This is because chiropractic care is most effective in treating headaches that originate in the neck.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

If your headaches are being triggered by muscle tension or stress in the neck, a chiropractor may be able to help by performing what is known as a spinal adjustment. These manual adjustments help to eliminate the stress that is put on the neck region as a result of poor posture or muscle exertion. Furthermore, by ensuring that the spine is properly aligned, a spinal adjustment will help to eliminate any nerve irritation in the neck.

In order to help prevent future headaches, chiropractors will also teach their patients exercises that can be done at home or at work to help keep the spine in alignment. Nutritional and postural advice may also be given in order prevent future neck irritation that could result in the return of chronic headaches.

By addressing the cause of the headaches, chiropractic care will allow many patients to experience significant relief without the need for medications or invasive procedures. However, it is important to note that this treatment will not prove effective for all patients. Furthermore, patients will need to make chiropractic care part of their long term treatment plan in order to enjoy maximum results.Therefore, it is critical that you still seek out the assistance of your primary doctor if you continue to get headaches after visiting a chiropractor clinic like Forest Park Chiropractic & Acupuncture.